Gumazing Champion T-shirt


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Mr. Gumazing T-shirt Size Chart

Say hello to Gumazing, your child’s best friend!

Gummies by Gumazing embody the same sentiments you share for your loved ones - warmth, affection, the promise to love, care, and always protect

As a parent, you have your child’s best interest at heart. They may not understand it now, but you always do what’s best for them. And we definitely understand you could do with a hand- and who better than your trusted aide and your child’s best friend - Mr. Gumazing!

Leave it up to him to make sure your child gets their share of enriching nutrients that will empower them to achieve their maximum potential and be their own superhero.

We’ve all wrapped a scarf or tied a towel around our neck or even dressed up as Captain Underpants and zoomed around the house like the superhuman we believe we are. Mr. Gumazing is a representation of just that, who strives to ensure your child has a healthier and better tomorrow. He represents that superhero within your child. That superhero who is inspired to protect, do good, be healthy, and always love.